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By | Who I Am | One Comment

James 1:12 The Message (MSG)

Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.”

I’ve been tried by fire, tested by the best and approved by the Holy Spirit. I am a Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, anointed and ordained by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and the amazing community of ministers and educators at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. I am Rev. Danielle Ayo’dele Randall. My name carries the vibration and meaning of “Joy has Come”.

I am real and will always keep it real. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in family of Catholic Italians. I followed the protocols and celebrated the holidays in all the ways these people do. I treasure my roots and family traditions and yet today I am my own person, with my OWN IDEAS and my OWN WAYS. I have an independent relationship with the God of my own understanding.

SO what the hell does that mean? “The God of my own understanding” It means I have been on a spiritual quest to find out whose right and whose wrong for nearly 20 years and during that time I’ve passed through phases of Atheism to Religious Fanatic (not really) but fairly close. I’ve sat with the Buddhists, davened with the Jews, made offerings to Ganesh, danced with the Akan and am a daughter of Yemaja. My spirit has been purified in the sweat lodge with the Native Americans, studied Cranial Sacral therapy and journeyed with the Shamans and I’ve been know to dwell amongst the Faeries, Angels and Animal guides. Yup I’ve taken this journey pretty seriously, turned over ever rock, opened my mind and my heart to more doctrine, ritual and teachings than most will ever dare to find out and the one thing I was searching for is present in nearly every form…GOD JUST IS.

Every rendition of spiritual text has two things in common; LAW & PRINCIPLE. Different parables, plots and characters but at the end of the day they are all focused on teaching people methods and methodology to bring you closer to your true self, the divine and unique expression that you are and give you tools to move through challenges more assuredly. They promise and propose that GOOD is ever present and available as soon as you line up your spirit with the principles and laws. I like the Bible and love ACIM. I have been inspired to write sermons from nursery rhymes to scriptures. I was trained to read cards only to find out I’m a natural empath whose gifts include being clairvoyant (clear seeing) and clairaudient (clear hearing). I can move energy to facilitate healing from emotional trauma and support people in releasing patterns and imprints of thoughts, beliefs and actions that may be stuck or buried in ones mind and body.

In comes CrossFit. Divorced, over 30, living in a new city; studying and spending two plus hours in the gym all in effort to have a tight ass and remain a viable candidate for marriage and a family in world where 20 something is almost too old. So my friend and trainer decides we’re going to CrossFit. What do I know, so I nod and take my orders like a good client would. Up until this point I had become a fairly serious bike rider, although I rode a mountain bike on the road 99.9% of the time. I did say I was from Brooklyn and riding along the Belt Parkway in the head winds off the bay near the Verrazano was as off road as I could get without leaving town of course. I digress. So now in Maryland joining a CrossFit gym for like two classes a week on top of my Gold’s membership I’m sure to become the athlete I’ve always dreamed of being, except I have asthma and I can’t really run AT.ALL. Oh well, thankfully there’s always doing “Angie” (100 Pull-ups, 100 Push-ups, 100 Sit-ups and 100 Squats) on your fourth day of CrossFit. Sounds ambitious, IT WAS! In the spirit of keeping things real here the pull ups were banded, the push ups on my knees and well who needs your arms or legs for the next week or so anyway. A funny thing happens when you’re in the process of being tested and learning to live a principled life aka “preparing for ministry” you end up in situations where you need to dig deep…real deep and this was no different. I had principles damn it! Commitment, check! I was determined to finish this bitch. Integrity, check! No God loving Minister would knowingly cheat a rep. Persistence, check! THIS TOO SHALL PASS, I’ma gonna git er done!

Fast forward oh I don’t know, 1 month ok maybe 3, my new boyfriend that I met at CrossFit of course is gratefully leaving his coaching position to open his own box (for those who are unfamiliar with CrossFit, box is what we call the gym) and grateful because I swore I’d never date the trainer but the owner, well that was clearly a better move. LOL. So here I am in midst of this man’s vision and passion to improve the health and fitness of every damn person he could find; a zealot of sorts but then again so was I. Ministry and CrossFit two paths, both based in the teaching and application of Law & Principle, who knew how perfect this would be. Remember I said I was tried by fire, well that’s been true for me most of my life. I’ve had the pleasure of learning by doing. During the four year period of my ministerial study and my life post CrossFit continues to be just that. Married at the box, baby on the way and two wonderful step kids round out my clan. A newly Ordained Minister who now had a love for fitness armed with a Level One CrossFit Cert added to my repertoire of skills coupled with a desire to sincerely help people empower themselves to heal and grow made me down right Badass. That would be Rev. Badass, thank you!

It is my intention to provide inspiration for those who visit this site to open their hearts and minds to the gift and power of PRAYER as I share my journey and experiences in a heartfelt and candid way with the world.